Going to the Ilex 2016 NA conference

I'm excited to be attending all three days of Ilex NA 2016 in Atlanta on June 13, 14, and 15...lots of people I believe in, respect, want to listen to, and get to know.

QCast: Facilitating Consciously, 9-6-12

Don't miss the September Qcast featuring Lindberg speaking on creativity.

New synchronicities

A reader, R, has written to request a category called New Synchronicities so that she and others can post totally new synchronicity experiences in its own section.

Topics relate to synchronicity

I add in theory, discuss the usages of synchronicity, archetypes, and the semiotics of everyday occurrences in the world of research and innovation, along with new ideas about trends in qualitative research.

Besieged by spam

If I don't log on or post daily, I might have 800 spam entries, which is tiresome to wade through to move to trash or spam.

Talking in Atlanta about ethnography

If you've just received the evite as a member of the Southeast Chapter, I look forward to this observational/ethnographic workshop experience a lot.