Individuation with or without archetypes

We access it in corporate settings when we're trying to understand an emotional need state representing certain brands.

Branding and the new synchronicity

I have to imagine that Steve Jobs of Apple paid attention to dramatic or subtle semiotic clues that helped him to envision a future that others could not see until later.

Iceland dreaming

Iceland is no farther than Phoenix or Puerto Rico and closer than Europe or South America where I travel more regularly.

One's voice: A fiddling synchronicity

Although wondering why, she feels this could give her a chance to find her musical voice independent of her once-mentor.

Synchronicity as inner voice

"Synchronicity is like an accepting voice, a reassurance that one's issues are being known on a deeper level"

Seemingly irrelevant synchronicities in in-situ ethnography

We don't know what to do with these seemingly irrelevant but frequently noted observations. But they fascinate some of us on the team as much as the on-topic observations.