One's voice: A fiddling synchronicity

Although wondering why, she feels this could give her a chance to find her musical voice independent of her once-mentor.

Synchronicity as inner voice

"Synchronicity is like an accepting voice, a reassurance that one's issues are being known on a deeper level"

Datura, dream, and desperados

This reader's post can be found under my post A Beginning Descriptor, which I wrote when alerted by RA that her friend J had experienced a strange intersection between dream and reality.

An interception...beginning descriptor

This is the beginning of a synchronicity reported recently from South America.

Orange continues to be hot

Orange and the transition from orange to green have been written about in my early blog posts--as I noticed the luminosity of orange over time--and it continues to fascinate new readers.

Besieged by spam

If I don't log on or post daily, I might have 800 spam entries, which is tiresome to wade through to move to trash or spam.


Synchronicities from readers writing in