One's voice: A fiddling synchronicity

Although wondering why, she feels this could give her a chance to find her musical voice independent of her once-mentor.

The mythology of white-on-white

Last night I am at a party with creative people, artists, gallery owners, designers, bankers, and academics in a loft in downtown Manhattan.

Prediction and victory

The power of exploring archetypes and archetypal imagery to predict upcoming major events in the world is an usual role for these universal patterns in graphic form that are frequently used to explore deepening of authentic brand personas.

Synchronicity and decisions

Sometimes it's hard to make a decision especially if two factors are weighing circumstances equally.

When synchronicities seem to cease

Instead, I have found the opposite... that serendipity has actually decreased.

Game changing in multiples

This afternoon near the end of an intense Friday work day, there are sudden references to game changers.