Decision through semiotics, observed

I did not know what to do, and the movement yes has been equally counterbalanced by no for days.

Branding and the new synchronicity

I have to imagine that Steve Jobs of Apple paid attention to dramatic or subtle semiotic clues that helped him to envision a future that others could not see until later.

Observer role in qualitative research

What is the role of the one who is researching and observing consumers? How do we -- me, you, client teams, subjects/consumers, recruiters, and final audiences -- affect the research results and process?

Continuance of teal synchronicity

Over the 9 days I spent in Iceland, I heard of Odin and Freyr, Thor and Freya, Loki and Balder -- ancient Nordic gods of the Vikings -- using runes.

Teal as potential synchronicity

Although I am a strong believer in the left-brained style of thinking through evaluation and analysis --Jungians call this Logos -- I have used Logos extensively but it has not resulted in any firm decision.

Shanghai as potential synchronicity

We all had been there recently and spoke of Shanghai's magnificent architecture, its jaw-dropping vastness (even for one such as me who resides in New York City), and the volume of wealth, technology, and contemporariness that surprised me, us, utterly.