Individuation with or without archetypes

We access it in corporate settings when we're trying to understand an emotional need state representing certain brands.

Research challenges lead to insight

We may see it as a piece of a research jigsaw puzzle that will eventually reveal intriguing findings.

Creativity and meeting consumer needs

If you can hear this guru speak at a conference, you will enjoy his energy, provocativeness, and process.

Fall in love with your brand loyalists

The core loyalists and frequent users of a brand, product, or service are sometimes ignored in favor of reaching out to new markets.

Training teams in authentic ethnography

Authentic ethnography is a less reactive, more spontaneous, purer observational process espoused by academic anthropologists.

Synchronicity among artists, musicians

What I'm discovering through my depth psychological research is that adding a strong component of creativity increases the level, power, frequency, and speed of synchronicity.


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