​Checklist of 20 principles for the customer journey

When creating proposals and planning for big, multistaged, multiphased, mixed method style, authentic, and longitudinal market research customer journeys that involve in-context ethnographic observations that tap into in-the-moment decision making, I have a checklist to use as you work with fields, teams, and your process. Note on the image accompanying this post: The usual, developed customer journey map after the stages of market research will look quite different than the legendary Hero’s Journey diagram shown here. But, it’s important to acknowledge that, behind every customer journey and the research journey of the observing team, there is a deeper inner and outer journey that resembles the psychological monomyth in key ways.

Individuation with or without archetypes

We access it in corporate settings when we're trying to understand an emotional need state representing certain brands.

Research challenges lead to insight

We may see it as a piece of a research jigsaw puzzle that will eventually reveal intriguing findings.

Iceland dreaming

Iceland is no farther than Phoenix or Puerto Rico and closer than Europe or South America where I travel more regularly.


Journeying in the world